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  • Posted :   Jul 20th, 2011

    ‘International Youth Day’ commemorates the particular spirit and the vitality of the youth. August 12th is celebrated together with solemnity and fun. It is arranged to stand in solidarity and also discuss constructive youth oriented issues from the ‘United Nations’. A country is fragmentary without high energetic young boys and girls. Knowing the potential of the youth and taking their particular likes and dislikes into consideration can be a commendable act.
    The particular youth has never been affected when it comes to looks. Creating a presentable and a fashionable demeanor has been on top of their priority listing. With ‘International Youth Day’ just about to happen, every young style enthusiast would want to look like great to create his or her identity. The glorious event would definitely require you to don a look that will help you achieve that kind of attention you demand.

    Select a style to create your Individuality: -

    Leather pants, leather shorts, leather skirts, leather combination dresses and leather jackets are a few that you can select from. Let’s see as to what will make you look presentable yet exotic. The point here is creating a look which is decent and yet can make an impact.

    Leather Skirts: – The most admirable and trendy leather outfit. Leather skirts will never make you go unnoticed.

    Leather Jackets: – A lot has already been said about it….but can be handy in making a style statement.

    Leather Pants: – Wear it with caution and usually people who wear it are tend to be taken seriously. The are the ‘do not mess with me types’

    Leather Shorts: – exotic and hot perfect for hot summer months and will get all the attention you need to make with your style statement.

    Leather actually exudes confidence but still a few more tips for an overdose: -

    •    An event with this nature is all about connection. Make sure you communicate properly verbally and get the facts right before chatting.
    •    Be yourself and discuss your heart out there about issues that trouble you and are troubled about genuinely.
    •    Create any presentable image by the right attire.
    •    Try and also adopt positive gestures.
    •    Make friends uninhibitedly, networking takes on a very important role in all areas of life today.
    •    Be participative and greet people who have a warm authentic smile.
    Remember its all about being yourself and exuding confidence in what you wear and if you plan on taking this as a challenge then just do it in style.

  • Posted :   Jul 19th, 2011

    Tribute was paid by many fans of Michael Jackson on his second death anniversary on June 25th.  A day after the 2nd anniversary of MJ’s death, the famous red and black color leather jacket was sold for $ 1.8 million! at auction .

    The famous jacket was bought by a Michael Jackson fan who is a commodities trader at Austin Texas was sold for a whooping price.

    The famous red and black jacket reminds you of the era when 1983 when the whole was rocking to this famous song “Thriller” sung and choreographed by the King Of pop himself.

    There is an interesting story with this jacket. MJ used this jacket for a lot of stage shows and asked his designers to create a similar one so that he had an alternative one as well. When asked by the designers if he could dance in this jacket. Michael just smiled and asked the designers to just watch the video.

    Based on the plot of zombies coming put of their graves and dancing with Michael Jackson was an instant hit which actually took the world by storm. The signature move of MJs ‘ The Moon Walk” was always a hit which he performed especially during all his stage shows and promotional videos during the launch of his new albums.

    After watching the video of ‘Thriller’ there was rage for his red and black color leather jacket as all the Michael Jackson fans wanted to be a part of his huge success; the look alike of the famous jacket was sold at every fashion boutiques and retail outlets by the name of the “Thriller Jacket”.

    Michael Jackson actually performed some of the most iconic moves of that time without any difficulty. Well!! Guys there will never be another Michael Jackson born ever. Its always a pleasure to remember the era where the ‘King of Pop spread his magic.

  • Posted :   Jul 16th, 2011

    Leather blazers are a perfect addition to your fashionable closet. Leather blazers have actually redefined a new leather style which is voguish and classy. Leather being the epitome of the fashion industry has always given the fashion enthusiasts a reason to smile.

    There are many types of leather blazers available, but it is important to have some handy information ready when you want to select the best one for yourself; so you do not get confused by the plethora of leather blazers available in the fashion market.

    Selecting a good leather blazer is not a technique but is an art and trust me after reading this article you will be smart to select this piece of art.
    •    It is important that you opt for a leather blazer that suits your body type and a color that matches with you all the clothes you have in your closet. Always remember that blazers are though a style statement but if not worn properly or with matching innerwear then this fashion statement can go terribly wrong.
    •    The length of the leather blazer is obviously below waist and should give a relaxed fit over your shoulders. Do not buy a blazer which will hang loose on your shoulders and make shoulders look droopy. Purchase a perfect size but see to it that you are comfortable in it and the blazer is not too tight; as it is important to breathe.
    •    Always a purchase one size bigger because I am sure you will not be wearing that blazer alone; the leather blazer has to be combined with a shirt or a tee inside; so select a size that will fit on your shoulders perfectly with your shirt on.
    •    Now when selecting the color, please do not buy black; this is one of the most common color available and every second person wears it. There are many beautiful shades of brown like light brown ,camel color, bust color, dark brown to tan; explore these options as these colors can be paired with any clothing.
    •    Pair you leather blazer with a shirt and trousers to attain formal attire and pair it with tee and denims for casual attire.

    Leather blazers definitely add to your social status; and they also provide protection from cold harsh winds during fall.

  • Posted :   Jul 11th, 2011

    The rugged and stylish feel of leather is what makes leather shorts a high fashion statement. The hot weather actually demands the removal of some clothes. To survive this torment you need to wear comfortable and loose clothes which will allow your skin to breathe and cool off.

    The leather shorts is one way to look stylish in this hot weather which will not only make you feel comfortable but will make you stand out from the crowd. Leather short paired with sexy blouse and flat shoes is the perfect summer evening attire.

    Leather shorts are versatile and can be paired with trendy tops and footwear: -

    •    A perfect pair of trendy canvas shoes will make the perfect choice for leather short attire. This is the most comfortable and trendy style, but when opting for the shoe color opt for green, red or yellow as these colors will complement the summer heat. This combination will definitely enhance your appearance.

    •    Leather shorts can also be paired with the plain tees, but the latest trend of the season is the graphic tees. Select a tee that will complement you personality and a color that will complement your complexion. Simple stylish attire would be a plain white or black tee combined with black or red leather short.

    •    A perfect military style would be combining your leather shorts with a leather jacket. A military green color tee inside the jacket is the perfect combination and a dog tag as an accessory to complete the look.

    •    A comfortable short summer shirt in white color when paired with your leather shorts will definitely turn some heads.

    •    If you want to stand out from the crowd then pair your leather shorts with tight body hugging tee and combine it with boots.

    •    A perfect rock star look would be pairing your leather short with loose tee and heeled footwear, it reminds of Madonna from the 80s.

    Leather shorts are the perfect option for leather enthusiasts. The latest summer trend is back in style and is available in many colors that will complement the summer look. Leather shorts is the perfect ideal wear for hot summers.

  • Posted :   Jul 6th, 2011

    sew leather jacketAre you shocked? But this achievable and actually very simple…All you need is leather sewing machines and fine leather that will fit into the sewing compartment of your machine.

    Correct needles and a leather which is 1/8th inch thick. As thin leather is much easy to glide through and it will also not break the sewing needles. Well! You can call this article as a crash course on being a leather jacket designer.

    Just keep reading for more tips as you will lean slowly and gradually. Remember leather is a fabric which is very fashionable and it is absolutely fine if your first jacket is not very flashy. Design a simple jacket and later when you learn the art you can opt for the complicated one.

    Here are a few tips for designing leather jackets: -

    •    Leather is a fabric which will not stretch. Opt for a simple to design pattern as this is you first project do not try to design anything complicated as this will only ruin your confidence. Remember this whenever you are stitching leather even the smallest mistake can make the jacket unbearable.

    •    First cut the pieces of leather and start storing the leather pieces together at a place where you will not be confused. Get all these pieces together and start matching them up with a masking tape. It is always advisable to use a masking tape a d pinning the leather pieces will only cause holes in leather.

    •    Once you have finished designing the paper patterns put leather pieces on the paper pattern and start to cut your leather with scissors. Use sharp scissors for the task.
    •    For sewing leather on sewing machine it is always better to use a size 11 needle. These size 11 needles are much stronger than the regular size small needles. These needles are designed to sew leather and hard materials like leather and they will not break.

    •    Now add the same color matching thread to your sewing machine as the color of leather. It is always better to purchase leather sewing threads for sewing leather as these threads are much stronger and capable of keeping the pieces intact.

    •    Never force the leather to stretch and start sewing the pieces that you had cut out from the paper patterns.

    •    Add leather glue to the task before you start sewing a particular leather part. It is important that you keep your head together and be patient. Slowly and steadily you will end up designing a beautiful leather jacket.

    Designing is a leather is a very simple task provided you remain calm and patient and you will end up designing the most amazing pattern one day.

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