• Posted :   Jul 29th, 2011

    Tough leather is the most fascinating fabric with amazing features however leather fashion without correct accessories is incomplete. Leather accessories like leather shoes; leather wallets, leather wrist bands etc etc can be accessorized easily with regular casual clothing.

    Leather outfits like leather jackets and leather pants are the leather outfits used extensively; as using too much of leather is not a very cool fashion statement. In order to avoid being called as ‘Leather man’ or Leather women’ avoid wearing too much leather for e.g. avoid wearing leather pants with leather jackets always combine leather outfits with casual clothing of different fabric.

    Here are a few guidelines which will help you dress and match better with your trendy leather outfits: –

    Leather Pants: – The categories that you can shop for are tight leather pants, skinny leather or casual straight fit leather pants and now what to pair it with so that your leather pants are highlighted.

    For Men: – If you are looking for a perfect combination for your leather pant then remember that leather boots are a must. Black and white are universal choices. You can top it with a trendy white shirt to go formal or a casual black graphic tee for informal look. Leather wrist bands do go well with leather pants

    For Women: – If you fit into a skinny leather pant then trust me the onlookers will be busy complementing you about your curves and so the top does not matter. A stylish pair of heels or stilettos is a must. Loose top must be preferred with skinny or tight leather pants.

    Leather Jackets: – This is one versatile outfit that fits every trend and every style. The latest in leather jacket styles are slim fit leather jacket and colorful leather jackets.

    For Men: – Slim fits a cool option for men. Try white color shirts or even red looks classy; maroon color shirt is a also a good option. Pair your jacket with denim jeans for casual look and chinos or trousers for formal.

    For Women: – Colorful leather jackets or black slim leather jackets both are good options. Stylish boots and silver accessories are cool and girls please avoid pearls with leather.

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