• Posted :   Jul 25th, 2011

    celebrity leather jacketNothing beats the aura of celebrity styling. Celebrities are capable of bringing the runway fashion to high street fashion. We all share a love and hate relationship with celebrities; love them for their onscreen worn and fashion and hate them for their amazing figures.

    Hollywood celebrities have always swayed away our minds with their fashionable leather jackets. Try to think out of the box when it comes to selecting a regular black leather jacket.

    Celebrities have now come into open and are ready to share their secret recipe of styling. Celebs like Alicia Keys were spotted wearing a classy green color leather jacket with a belt and a zipper closure; Kirsten Stewart looked fabulous in red color leather jacket with a zipper closure when spotted at a local hangout.

    The most preferred way to keep monotony out of your fashion closet is to have some leather jackets in your wardrobe. They are the most versatile universal pieces that are definite head turners and can get you maximum attention.

    The most fascinating about leather jackets is that they can be they can make any commoner look like a celebrity.

    The various leather jacket styles: –

    Vintage-Leather Jacket: – Love nonprofit shops and unique manner finds? Choose a vintage-style buckskin biker jacket for the retro look. It’s all about mixing up it up add accessories with everything from produced t-shirts, to pretty herbal tea dresses. Celeb Fashion spot: Nicole Richie

    Hippie Style Leather Jackets: – Leather jackets produce an easy way to achieve neat festival style. This is the great chance to research your look don with anything via skinny jeans for you to floral tea clothes. Kelly Osborne and They Chung were recently discovered at festivals rocking his or her leather biker coats with quirky playsuits along with skirts.

    Elegant Party Leather Jackets: – A leather motor cyclist jacket is the perfect supplement to your favorite bash dress. For a design and style that will never get older, invest in a simple fashion that suits your design. Black is the most common color available when it comes to leather jackets; but there are more options available, think of selecting a retro darkish leather jacket’s.

    Follow your favorite icons and style like them as leather is what makes everyone look like a celebrity.

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