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  • Posted :   Jul 31st, 2011

    Dispel the myth that leather cannot be worn in summers…so let’s break some ice on that…There are leather apparels designed especially for summer and as it has been said before that leather never fades out of fashion.

    Actually leather apparels designed for summer are thin and rugged and also have a thin lining of cloth inside the apparels which still keeps you cool and it definitely makes you stand out from the crowd. This summer is filled with classy leather fabric which is available in various shades and designs.

    So! Let’s take a peek through the summer leather fashion this season and find out what’s being worn by the high street fashion enthusiasts.

    •    Leather Shorts: - Shorts are the best way to beat the summer heat; and leather shorts give you the edge to beat the summer heat in style. Shorts such as knee length; short leather shorts are available in many fashion boutiques; if you do not believe check out the latest summer trends of 2011. Pair it with trendy leather boots and a cute summer top to achieve that true summer chic look.

    •    Leather Tops: – Lightweight leather tops are available in halter neck style and can be worn during this sultry season. They will not only make you look classy and elegant but also make you a showstopper.

    •    Leather Jackets: – One of my personal favorite style…it actually does not matter if it is summer or winter or autumn or spring; I just love wearing them. They are definite attention grabbers and who does not like attention. Lightweight thin leather jackets are available in many colors such as red; blue; pink; green; yellow etc to suit your summer attire; but classic black and brown color jackets still dominate the fashion market.

    •    Leather Pants: - The ultra chic fashion style of summers is now available in the form of loose leather pants. This leather apparel is here to stay as it doesn’t matter what you have to say.

    Who does not want to look like a fashion model walking the high fashion street in style? If this is what you want to be then trust me leather fashion looks cool for all seasons.

  • Posted :   Jul 29th, 2011

    Tough leather is the most fascinating fabric with amazing features however leather fashion without correct accessories is incomplete. Leather accessories like leather shoes; leather wallets, leather wrist bands etc etc can be accessorized easily with regular casual clothing.

    Leather outfits like leather jackets and leather pants are the leather outfits used extensively; as using too much of leather is not a very cool fashion statement. In order to avoid being called as ‘Leather man’ or Leather women’ avoid wearing too much leather for e.g. avoid wearing leather pants with leather jackets always combine leather outfits with casual clothing of different fabric.

    Here are a few guidelines which will help you dress and match better with your trendy leather outfits: -

    Leather Pants: - The categories that you can shop for are tight leather pants, skinny leather or casual straight fit leather pants and now what to pair it with so that your leather pants are highlighted.

    For Men: – If you are looking for a perfect combination for your leather pant then remember that leather boots are a must. Black and white are universal choices. You can top it with a trendy white shirt to go formal or a casual black graphic tee for informal look. Leather wrist bands do go well with leather pants

    For Women: – If you fit into a skinny leather pant then trust me the onlookers will be busy complementing you about your curves and so the top does not matter. A stylish pair of heels or stilettos is a must. Loose top must be preferred with skinny or tight leather pants.

    Leather Jackets: - This is one versatile outfit that fits every trend and every style. The latest in leather jacket styles are slim fit leather jacket and colorful leather jackets.

    For Men: – Slim fits a cool option for men. Try white color shirts or even red looks classy; maroon color shirt is a also a good option. Pair your jacket with denim jeans for casual look and chinos or trousers for formal.

    For Women: – Colorful leather jackets or black slim leather jackets both are good options. Stylish boots and silver accessories are cool and girls please avoid pearls with leather.

  • Posted :   Jul 28th, 2011

    When it comes to kids dressed in leather I just cannot help but just keep smiling. Its always fun to watch little ones trying to behave like adults wearing cute little leather jackets or leather vests. As leather always been associated with bikers and rock stars it is difficult to associate it with kids; but at the same it is adorable to watch kids wearing leather. Here is a little fashion advice for people who wish to buy leather apparels for their kids.

    Latest Leather Style:-

    When it comes to latest leather style, slim leather jackets and colorful leather are the latest trends and if you are worried that it may just be a passing craze then let me tell you this that this fashion is here to stay. The very first leather jacket was introduced in the 50s and it still continues to rock. Leather is one fabric which will never go out of style. It just keeps getting better with every season and every year. Leather apparels for kids are designed using genuine leather as it has to survive the real rough treatment in the kid’s world.


    Sizing is a major issue when it comes to selecting kids leather apparels. Your little ones are definitely keep growing and will also grow out of the leather jacket; so what should be the perfect size when selecting a leather jacket or pants for a kid. Always buy one size bigger than your kids actual size as it can be used for extra year and then can be sold at eBay for a good bargain or it can be passed on to the younger one.

    Cleaning and Care:-

    Leather care is of utmost importance and this is one thing that should be kept in mind when purchasing a leather jacket for your kid. Remember that leather protects from cold winds and abrasions; but when it comes to ids the leather may have to go through a little extra suffering. Use leather conditioners to keep the leather clean and use it one or twice in a month. To remove crinkles simply use team treatment which can be given while giving shower.

  • Posted :   Jul 25th, 2011

    celebrity leather jacketNothing beats the aura of celebrity styling. Celebrities are capable of bringing the runway fashion to high street fashion. We all share a love and hate relationship with celebrities; love them for their onscreen worn and fashion and hate them for their amazing figures.

    Hollywood celebrities have always swayed away our minds with their fashionable leather jackets. Try to think out of the box when it comes to selecting a regular black leather jacket.

    Celebrities have now come into open and are ready to share their secret recipe of styling. Celebs like Alicia Keys were spotted wearing a classy green color leather jacket with a belt and a zipper closure; Kirsten Stewart looked fabulous in red color leather jacket with a zipper closure when spotted at a local hangout.

    The most preferred way to keep monotony out of your fashion closet is to have some leather jackets in your wardrobe. They are the most versatile universal pieces that are definite head turners and can get you maximum attention.

    The most fascinating about leather jackets is that they can be they can make any commoner look like a celebrity.

    The various leather jacket styles: -

    Vintage-Leather Jacket: - Love nonprofit shops and unique manner finds? Choose a vintage-style buckskin biker jacket for the retro look. It’s all about mixing up it up add accessories with everything from produced t-shirts, to pretty herbal tea dresses. Celeb Fashion spot: Nicole Richie

    Hippie Style Leather Jackets: - Leather jackets produce an easy way to achieve neat festival style. This is the great chance to research your look don with anything via skinny jeans for you to floral tea clothes. Kelly Osborne and They Chung were recently discovered at festivals rocking his or her leather biker coats with quirky playsuits along with skirts.

    Elegant Party Leather Jackets: - A leather motor cyclist jacket is the perfect supplement to your favorite bash dress. For a design and style that will never get older, invest in a simple fashion that suits your design. Black is the most common color available when it comes to leather jackets; but there are more options available, think of selecting a retro darkish leather jacket’s.

    Follow your favorite icons and style like them as leather is what makes everyone look like a celebrity.

  • Posted :   Jul 22nd, 2011

    Leather demands confidence and attitude which the wearer has to posses or else fabric may make the wearer look lousy. Leather dresses and skirts have been the favorite among leather enthusiast this summer season.

    Here is good news for all the die hard leather lovers. The leather apparels for summer are much thinner and colorful so that the wearer can select from the vast collection available.

    Let’s take a look at some of the famous leather collection this summer: -

    The best part about summer leather clothing is that it can be easily transformed into the fall wardrobe.

    •    Leather Tops and Shirts: - The latest summer leather designs and patterns include leather tops for women and leather shirts for men which are not too heavy like a leather bomber jacket or a blazer. The leather shirts are available in many designs and patterns to complement your perfect summer wardrobe. There is also an exquisite collection of leather tops which are available in sleeveless pattern to suit the summer attire.

    •    Classy Leather Shorts: - Nothing beats the fashion of leather shorts. The wearer never goes unnoticed and bound to get loads of compliment if worn right and matched with proper accessories and a top. The best combination is pair black color leather short with high heeled leather boots and a nude color loose summer top. You can also accessorize it with a hippie style necklace to complete the look.

    •    Leather Dress: – This is the hottest leather apparel this summer season. Be ready to sizzle the whole crowd and draw attention towards you wearing a hot and short leather dress. Pair this dress with trendy leather heels or stilettos to complete the look. These leather dresses are available in strapless, thin strapped, halter necks, sleeveless and many other patterns.

    Do not believe in myths and try leather apparels for yourself this season and rock the season in style.

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