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  • Posted :   Jun 13th, 2011

    Skinny leather pants are a definite ‘wow’ factor, whether it’s in your wardrobe or you wearing it. These leather pants have always been successful in proving their dominance in the fashion world.

    Medical sciences say that wearing tight clothes can slow down your blood circulation, BUT a woman wearing skinny leather pants definitely raises the blood circulation of men.

    The wearer of skinny leather pants has never gone unnoticed. They have been known for their style and sexiness. These leather pants are the perfect to way to reveal your curves.

    Worn by famous celebrities like Halle Berry, Kim Kardashian, and even Sharon Stone who looked amazing when they donned this beautiful pair of skinny leather pants. This fashion can also go terrible wrong if not worn properly or paired with right combinations, while it has gone wrong for Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan.

    The best advice would be to pair these skinny leather pants with trendy boots and a stylish designer top to don the look of a diva. Leather pants have been in so much demand that even men want to get into a pair.

    There are various types of leather trousers available for males: –
    • Stylish Zippered Leather Trousers: – The notable zipped beauty is certainly bound to get attention as well as side freezer leave an enduring impression.
    • Suede Leather Pants: – Formal trousers can be put on for recognized meetings.
    • Leather Trousers with crinkly legs: – These types of pants along with side squat pockets as well as buttoned waist results in a style quotient.
    • Accentuated Studded Leather Pants: – Long lasting trousers for men is mostly donned by bikers.
    The actual leather trousers available for ladies are:-
    • Skinny Leather Trousers: – Really fashionable put on by style models upon ramp tend to be leather trousers designed with buckle loops.
    • Bellbottom: – Makes you stay ahead of the crowd, as a symbol of latest trend and you’ll never fail with these trousers.
    • Capri’s:- stylish hugging leather Capri’s were designed to provide you with that flexible look however accessorize it with a good set of footwear.

    A pair of stylish leather pants can be worn in any season and any weather. It’s all about carrying it in style.

  • Posted :   Jun 10th, 2011

    cowboy leather vestThe cowboy vest is synonymous to rugged and masculine and hence obviously been a favorite part of men’s wardrobes and has also become very popular among the ladies. These vests are available in quite a few fabrics – the best and most authentic, of course, being leather! A leather vest is available across a number of brands, styles and price ranges and picking out the perfect one can be quite taking.

    Believe it or not, a leather vest is available in a plethora of styles. You could aim for the cowboy look while simultaneously using it for a more business casual look. Do remember that while cowboy leather vests are certainly a favorite for casual wear, several styles are also very appropriate for more formal wear and can actually give a business suit that unique touch. The most popular western style vest is made of one of the several types of leather, which consist of cowhide, sheepskin, lamb, suede as well as boar.

    For casual occasions, such as farm or ranch work, a lamb skin leather vest will look fantastic and will be the most suitable. They can even be lined with wool or fur for a warmer occasion. Suede vests always look sexy and are a nice touch over denims.

    While leather vests are available in plenty in department stores and boutiques, they could burn quite a hole in your pocket. An excellent place to purchase your leather vest is online. You need to check the credentials of the online apparel store of course. Clothing available online is almost always cheaper than what is available in stores. Also, you can browse through a rather large collection – all from the convenience of your own home. Another plus point is that most of these clothes are custom made to your exact size and fit. It is of extreme importance that your leather vest fits your perfectly for the best look.

    A leather vest can be combined with denims as well as trousers. You could choose to put a blazer over it, leave it open or button it up. Determine your own style and make a statement.

  • Posted :   Jun 7th, 2011

    Skirts are always fabulous to look at. A woman in a skirt holds far more sex appeal than a woman in denims or pants or trousers. Skirts hold that unique appeal which makes a woman look stylish and smart and oh so desirable. A skirt is one of the best, attractive feminine attire which is fashionable, comfy to wear and is trendy in all seasons. It is an excellent stylish outfit which helps to disguise certain body areas and at the same time flatters your figure. If that’s what an ordinary skirt does then imagine how much more lovable leather skirts are. They are chic, assertive and gorgeous. They come in various lengths and designs just like a chiffon or a cotton or a georgette skirt.

    Whatever your body shape or size, a stunning leather skirt suiting your figure can make you look smart and attractive. In order to look your best in a leather skirt it is extremely important that you choose the perfect fit.

    There are basically two important guidelines to be followed before you purchase a leather skirt:

    •    Length :
    Length is extremely important. If you choose to have a leather mini skirt or a knee length leather skirt or a full length leather skirt, the hemline you choose determines your entire look. It is extremely important that you pick the right length of the leather skirt so that it flatters your body shape.

    •    Style / Cut of the Leather Skirt:
    Leather skirts come fitted as well as flared or mermaid style. You need to pick a leather skirt with the right cut or style suitable for your height and body type. The style that is right for you will help to accentuate your figure and will also minimize the flaws of your figure. Therefore, it is very important to buy the leather skirt with the right cut.

    Skirts can do for women what no other outfits can do. They can make a woman like smart, sassy, sexy or a combination of the lot. It’s always important to make the right choice from the huge range available. Leather skirts are charming and must be combined right for the best effect.

  • Posted :   Jun 5th, 2011

    Kanye West, born Kanye Omari West, is an American rapper, singer, and record producer but that’s not all he’s famous for. Undoubtedly influential on the sartorial tip and no doubt having his fair share of controversies – the one thing you cannot deny this man is his amazing collection of leather pants. If you need to learn how to carry of the latest in leather pants in style then Kanye West is the man to blog. The Chicago-bred rapper has started trends, ended them, and brought a few back. Kanye proudly claims to have the best leather pants collection since the 80’s.

    Without further ado, following are the 5 best of Kanye West Best Leather Pants Moments:


    Here is Kanya in a pair of formal beige leather pants. He has chosen to combine it with an orange shirt and a cool blue blazer. An unlikely combination and yet it works! Kanye definitely knows his style.


    Here is Kanye West in a traditional rapper’s outfit. He has combined it fabulously with a simple black tee and a jacket. Notice how the pants crumple in a slim fit and yet looks sleek and elegant.


    Probably one of his best looks yet, Kanye West was spotted wearing this at the JFK Airport, clearly showing just how cool leather pants are for even a casual outing. Once again combined with a double layer of clothing, the leather pants nonetheless shine out as the better part of the ensemble.


    Spotted at the 2011 Fall/Winter Jean-Charles de Castelbajac Fashion Show, Kanye West really added fashion to the audience. Wearing black leather pants again, West showed exactly what high fashion is all about.


    If you want to take tips on how best to combine your leather pants, then you probably should take tips from this man right here. When you have such a huge and impressive collection of leather pants, you really need to know how to combine it right and Kanye sure knows his combinations well. Sometimes with a red blazer, sometimes and over size jacket and sometimes a knee length coat – he manages to pull off all the looks with the same excellence as he would a pair of casual denims.

  • Posted :   Jun 3rd, 2011

    If you think you can identify yourself more with Marilyn Manson than Jennifer Lopez, or if you’d rather shoot yourself than be caught wearing anything floral then you probably should check out the ins and outs of gothic style.

    Firstly, let’s make something clear. Just because you like the Goth look and would like to wear it does not mean that you worship the devil and drink blood for dinner. Traditionally, the Goth style involves a whole lot of black from clothing to make-up and sometimes even hair.

    Four essentials for the Goth look:

    1.    Leather attire: Some people have the preconceived notion that the clothes don’t matter–they do. Fashion is a huge part of Goth Subculture. A black leather dress or you could choose a black leather skirt or a gorgeous leather top. Goth and leather are perfect for each other. If you are an aspiring Goth, go out and buy yourself a gorgeous leather outfit today.
    2.    Black Nail Polish – the Goth look would be incomplete unless you have your nails painted black!
    3.    Studs and/or Zippers – When you select your black leather dress or your black leather pants or skirt, make sure there are plenty of metallic embellishments like studs or zippers or both.
    4.    Black Eyeliner – It matters not if you are a guy or a girl, you got to have the black eyeliner. Great for lining lips and eyes.

    Avoid slathering on too much make-up, because excessive make-up is not attractive – Goth or not. It does not work for aging country music stars, and definitely won’t work for you. Stick to basics like lipstick, eye shadow, mascara and some eyeliner. If you want to be a bit more daring, draw some sort of funky shape around one eye with some liquid eyeliner.

    Always try disposing off with all the religious leanings towards Gothic as much as you can. Wearing Gothic clothes can be exciting and fun – you just have to learn how. Gothic style makeup is often used to express a way of life or thinking. It can be fun and trendy. Use it your advantage. The Goth look has deviated into a large number of variations like punk Goth and cyber Goth.

  • Posted :   Jun 3rd, 2011

    Leather shorts – something most people attribute to bikergrunge. What can I say? Most people have to seriously rethink their style and the options thereof because leather shorts are about the sexiest and trendiest outfit to hit the market. They look absolutely delicious on women with just the right combinations.

    Sure you could go goth and combine your leather shorts with a whole lot of more leather but you could also try something more feminine and delicious. Here are a few funky combinations for women to try out with their sexy pair of leather shorts:

    •    The Rachel Bilson look:
    This look is called the Rachel Bilson look because if there ever was a poster girl for leather shorts it would have to be her. Take a cue from this leather maestro here and combine a sexy pair of leather shorts with a full sleeved, loose fitting, floral printed top. The full sleeves look wonderful especially in comparison to the short length of the shorts. Let your hair loose just like the gorgeous looking lady and add a pair of sexy shoes – your trendy yet feminine look is complete right there!

    •    Shorts – Orange – Leather:
    Three words you would never expect to make it to a sequence and yet something that should have been together a long long time back. Now this is no typical ‘out of touch designer’ craziness but is basically a combination so fabulous that you would be shocked you did not think it earlier. Select a pair of orange leather shorts with a cute tie up belt. Match it with a simple white racer back inner and a gorgeous black stretch jacket. Remember, don’t go bright on the top and bottom – it could lead to disastrous results. Instead always select dull and simple single colors. Bright colored shorts match well with simple tops.

    Carrying off the leather shorts look is rather risky. You have to know your fashion well and most importantly you have to figure out the right combinations. Also, pay special attention to your choice of shoes. The observer’s naturally get drawn to your shoes!

  • Posted :   Jun 1st, 2011

    Leather apparel is truly classical. They look good, they feel good and they make the wearer look awesome. At the same time, leather has the magical quality of offering protection from the worst of elements. A material so rugged, it is used and preferred by bikers – and with good reason. A huge number of people love leather apparel and everyone wants to try it on. Not such a bad idea – the key is to know the trick of wearing it. Which age group does leather suit the most? Who can pull off leather apparel the best? Let’s take a look:

    Kids (4 – 12 years):
    Kids should try out leather jackets, leather skirts, leather blazers and comfortable leather jumpsuits. Great choices for your little energetic bundle of joy, these leather creations will keep him safe in case of a fall. The leather jumpsuits work ideally as protection in case of cold or snow or rain.

    Tweens (13 – 16 years):
    This is the trickiest stage of growing up. You can’t dress like a grown up. At the same time you can’t opt for frills and lace. Leather is the kind of fabric that works excellently for such occasions. It moulds itself to suit the wearer’s personality. The tweens should try out leather jackets, leather skirts and leather shorts.

    Young adults (17 – 27 years):
    This is the age when it’s so much fun to experiment with clothes. Leather pants, leather jackets, leather skirts, leather shorts, leather dresses, leather jumpsuits – everything is a must try!

    Adults 1 (28 – 39):
    Your dressing now has to undergo a change to suit your age. It has to get more mature and elegant. Long leather skirts, leather vests, leather dresses, leather blazers and leather jackets would look fantastic.

    Adults 2(40 and beyond):
    Wearing leather at this phase can get dangerous. You don’t want to dress younger than your age. Work with leather vests, leather blazers and leather jackets. They look smart, elegant and give you a zingy, interesting touch. The leather is perfect to brighten up your wardrobe without making it look like you’re trying too hard.

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