• Posted :   Jun 21st, 2011

    Leather clothing like leather jackets, leather shorts, leather skirts are undoubtedly stylish but they are also quite expensive. Do you know that good quality leather clothes can last for over 40 years? All they need is the right care. Make your favorite leather clothes look fresh and exquisite for years to come with just a few simple care tips:

    •    Follow the basics. Read the manufacturer’s instructions about how to care for your leather apparel. Most manufacturers attach care labels inside the leather dress itself. Read them and follow them.
    •    Make your leather apparel waterproof. Unless you are planning to wear your leather jacket only in the summers and winters, it is suggested that you waterproof your leather jacket. Leather dresses etc usually come with a waterproof coating but do check.
    •    Always hang your leather clothes on a wide, padded hanger so that it maintains its shape. It also ensures that any creases will drop naturally from the garment. Never ball up your leather clothes and store them. If you are planning to wear your leather garment after a long period, pack it up in a breathable garment bag and avoid allowing it to stay in a plastic dry cleaning or storage bag.
    •    In case your leather garment gets wet, let it dry naturally at room temperature. Don’t go to use any artificial heat sources like blow dryers or heat vents.
    •    Wipe your leather clothes off with a soft cloth from time to time. This removes off any dust and allows you garment to breathe.
    •    In case you leather garment becomes hard or starts cracking, rub some leather moisturizer into it with a soft cloth. Leather moisturizers are easily available in the market and with a thorough rub down, your leather garment should become soft.
    •    It is always advisable to send your expensive leather jacket to professional leather cleaner in case if you do not wish to clean it on your own. Never store the leather jackets in plastic cleaning bags as leather needs ventilation and if stored in plastic it will lead to mildew formation.
    •    Excessive humidity damages leather garments so keep them away from high humidity.

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