• Posted :   Jun 3rd, 2011

    If you think you can identify yourself more with Marilyn Manson than Jennifer Lopez, or if you’d rather shoot yourself than be caught wearing anything floral then you probably should check out the ins and outs of gothic style.

    Firstly, let’s make something clear. Just because you like the Goth look and would like to wear it does not mean that you worship the devil and drink blood for dinner. Traditionally, the Goth style involves a whole lot of black from clothing to make-up and sometimes even hair.

    Four essentials for the Goth look:

    1.    Leather attire: Some people have the preconceived notion that the clothes don’t matter–they do. Fashion is a huge part of Goth Subculture. A black leather dress or you could choose a black leather skirt or a gorgeous leather top. Goth and leather are perfect for each other. If you are an aspiring Goth, go out and buy yourself a gorgeous leather outfit today.
    2.    Black Nail Polish – the Goth look would be incomplete unless you have your nails painted black!
    3.    Studs and/or Zippers – When you select your black leather dress or your black leather pants or skirt, make sure there are plenty of metallic embellishments like studs or zippers or both.
    4.    Black Eyeliner – It matters not if you are a guy or a girl, you got to have the black eyeliner. Great for lining lips and eyes.

    Avoid slathering on too much make-up, because excessive make-up is not attractive – Goth or not. It does not work for aging country music stars, and definitely won’t work for you. Stick to basics like lipstick, eye shadow, mascara and some eyeliner. If you want to be a bit more daring, draw some sort of funky shape around one eye with some liquid eyeliner.

    Always try disposing off with all the religious leanings towards Gothic as much as you can. Wearing Gothic clothes can be exciting and fun – you just have to learn how. Gothic style makeup is often used to express a way of life or thinking. It can be fun and trendy. Use it your advantage. The Goth look has deviated into a large number of variations like punk Goth and cyber Goth.

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