• Posted :   Jun 1st, 2011

    Leather apparel is truly classical. They look good, they feel good and they make the wearer look awesome. At the same time, leather has the magical quality of offering protection from the worst of elements. A material so rugged, it is used and preferred by bikers – and with good reason. A huge number of people love leather apparel and everyone wants to try it on. Not such a bad idea – the key is to know the trick of wearing it. Which age group does leather suit the most? Who can pull off leather apparel the best? Let’s take a look:

    Kids (4 – 12 years):
    Kids should try out leather jackets, leather skirts, leather blazers and comfortable leather jumpsuits. Great choices for your little energetic bundle of joy, these leather creations will keep him safe in case of a fall. The leather jumpsuits work ideally as protection in case of cold or snow or rain.

    Tweens (13 – 16 years):
    This is the trickiest stage of growing up. You can’t dress like a grown up. At the same time you can’t opt for frills and lace. Leather is the kind of fabric that works excellently for such occasions. It moulds itself to suit the wearer’s personality. The tweens should try out leather jackets, leather skirts and leather shorts.

    Young adults (17 – 27 years):
    This is the age when it’s so much fun to experiment with clothes. Leather pants, leather jackets, leather skirts, leather shorts, leather dresses, leather jumpsuits – everything is a must try!

    Adults 1 (28 – 39):
    Your dressing now has to undergo a change to suit your age. It has to get more mature and elegant. Long leather skirts, leather vests, leather dresses, leather blazers and leather jackets would look fantastic.

    Adults 2(40 and beyond):
    Wearing leather at this phase can get dangerous. You don’t want to dress younger than your age. Work with leather vests, leather blazers and leather jackets. They look smart, elegant and give you a zingy, interesting touch. The leather is perfect to brighten up your wardrobe without making it look like you’re trying too hard.

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