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  • Posted :   Jun 28th, 2011

    Summer time is here – it’s the season of bright colors and fun dressing. It’s also time to prepare your wardrobe for beach parties and cocktail gatherings and just silly reasons to hang out and make the most of the glorious sunshine. Summers are synonymous with skirts and skirts are an absolute must have when it comes to a summer wardrobe. Denims and cottons are the tried and tested summer fabrics. It’s time to stand out from the crowd and make an impression. Its time to discover leather!

    Leather skirts are like a fashionistas dream come true. You can short, long, calf length, asymmetrical – the choice is all yours. Fill your summer wardrobe with a multitude of leather skirts. Here are some excellent summer leather skirt options for you:

    A Line Short Leather Skirt:
    This will look great for casual outings with friends. Combine you leather skirt with a nice floral top, a pair of kitten heels and let your hair loose. If you are in the mood for something ultra casual, the just combine the leather skirt with a simple cotton tee shirt and sports shoes. Tie your hair up in a high pony tail and go for the fresh look.

    Ideal colors: for the casual look you can select a leather skirt in pastels as well as the traditional black

    Formal Pencil Leather Skirt:
    Just because its summer, you can’t really skip office no matter how much you want to. So you can at least dress better to lift your spirits. Select a narrow pencil style leather skirt that ends just a little below the knees. Preferably always mix this with a solid color formal shirt, full sleeves and tucked into the leather skirt. Add a string of pearls, a pair of decently high heels, tie your hair back and you are absolutely ready to show off your professional image.

    Ideal colors: for the formal look you can select a leather skirt in deep dark shades as well as the traditional black. Brown is an ideal color too.

    Straight Fit Leather Skirt:
    Clubbing, partying and just a naughty time out – the straight fit leather skirt is for those times!

  • Posted :   Jun 27th, 2011

    Ladies, prepare to explore the world of leather leggings because no other piece of clothing ever created by mankind can come close to giving you that heady wild-child feel as you get when you slip yourself into a pair of skintight leather pants.

    A great pair of leather leggings has this unique quality of being able to suck you up and in and can transform even the most square shaped woman into a hot curvy wonder. Leather leggings are a rock and roll fantasy come true and worth every penny.

    When you select your pair of leather leggings there a few things you need to keep in mind namely the nature of leather as a fabric is that it will stretch out. so always purchase a size lower because they are going to expand and there is absolutely no way to battle that. Find yourself a tailor who can take in your leather leggings for you if they do stretch out. Before you sit down always pull up your leather leggings at the knees. That way you don’t have to suffer droopy old-lady knees when you stand up again. Make sure that you keep the leather soft by buffing it with mink oil and a soft cloth.

    Leather leggings come in a variety of colors – the favorite of course being black! Do keep in mind that there are certain rules on how you can combine your leather leggings. Do keep in mind that they are a statement-making piece of clothing so be careful with how you dress it up or dress it down. Take your inspiration from celebrities. Leather leggings are making news in tinsel town and most of them get their combinations right. Leather leggings are skin tight and look best when combined with an equally loose top. Your style of shoes is also important. Keep all this sin mind while purchasing your pair of leather leggings.

    Love them or loathe them, leather leggings have become a sought after piece and as the seasons wear on, they’re beginning to appear on many a leg. Keep your eyes open and join the fashion wagon!

  • Posted :   Jun 24th, 2011

    Popularity of Balmain leather pants has been tremendously augmented in recent years. Well! It is not shocking because Balmain pants are rugged and modish. They are capable of reflecting a person’s individuality.

    Leather pants have been the pillar of the leather fashion world for e.g. a girl strolling a street wearing colored skin tight leather pants will never go unnoticed. This is the power of leather pants and this is the kind of attraction that they are capable of accomplishing.

    Investing in a pair of trendy leather pants might sound a bit expensive and especially when its custom made or designer pants but its all worth when you start getting noticed once you wear them.

    Regular office goers wearing trousers or construction workers wearing jeans is something we have been seeing since years now lets change the trend and create our own style statement and it is easy with leather pants.

    Leather pants are rugged and classy, if proper care is taken they can last a lifetime. It is important when selecting leather one should be aware of their body type, because leather which does not fit properly, doesn’t look good.

    Balmain style leather pants are unique and modish they create an aura and have this fabulous design that one can make the difference between the regular leather pants and Balmain styled leather pants and apart form that they are available in many colors.

    A few styles of balmain leather pants is mentioned below: -

    •    Zip Detailed Leather Pants: - This is one of the most famous and excellent designs from the Balmain fashion house. Nothing beats the elegance of cropped leather pants with zip details.

    •    Metallic Leather Trouser: – Designer leather pants designed using metallic color gives a raw appeal in the minds of the onlooker, especially the leather pants that are designed using stretch material and fits tight on the legs are perfect to draw attention. A perfect pair for biker woman prefers frequent excursions.

    •    Slim Fit Red Leather Pants: - Slim fit leather pants are many but the ones designed by Balmain in red color are truly exuberating.

    Balmain Style leather pants are designed for those leather enthusiasts who understand fashion and believe in dominating the fashion world with the power of leather pants.

  • Posted :   Jun 22nd, 2011

    Mini skirts are fun fashion items. They’re never really out of fashion and they keep on returning as a feature piece summer after summer. They’re not for everyone, but for those who enjoy them it’s worth knowing how to look you’re best wearing one. Sadly, given their popularity almost everyone you know with remotely decent legs is going to be wearing one in denim or chiffon. Wearing a leather mini skirt is a great way to be different but with attitude and spunk. Leather skirts require sassiness and guts to pull off. Once you’ve selected the ideal mini skirt for you – you need to learn how to combine it with the right shoes. Short skirts means the observer’s eyes automatically get drawn to your shoes. The effect of a leather skirt is complete only when it is blended well.

    Give your legs a few inches:
    Most of us aren’t blessed with long, skinny legs. That doesn’t mean the leather mini is out. It just means that you pay a little extra attention to what enhances your legs. Consider a gorgeous pair of stilettos. When you wear a skirt – especially a leather mini skirt, make the focus of your appearance your legs. In other words, keep your top half quite covered. To much skin show will undermine you and your outfit.

    Now that you are aiming for awesomeness in legs, buy a nice pair of stilettos – something that makes your feet look smooth and elegant. Do remember thought that the wrong footwear choice can actually call attention to things you’d rather not emphasize.

    Wedge Sandals:
    Leather mini skirts and wedge sandals are a fun combination. Espadrille, bohemian, strappy and woven styles all look great, but remember they should be sandals – as in open-toed. A closed-toe wedge is a little too heavy for a casual short skirt.

    Tall Boots:
    Knee-high boots, or boots that fall just below the knee have become a short-skirt staple, especially in cooler weather. Do ensure that your boots are as simple as possible.

    Kitten Heels:
    Kitten heels are a rather delicate style of shoe and look great on a leather mini skirt.

  • Posted :   Jun 22nd, 2011

    Summer time is here and you know what the warm weather means? It means loads of parties, beaches, barbeques and most importantly, it’s the glorious sunshine is the perfect excuse for bikers to take their babies out for a spin. You could be an amateur, an in between or a professional – it doesn’t matter so long as you have passion toward the sport of motorcycling and more importantly respect for it. Motorcycling is not just for anybody or the faint hearted. It is a stylish and perilous sport meant solely for those with a passionate heart and for those who simply enjoy the feel of the wind in their ears and a glorious adrenaline rush. However, motorcycling is only worth the adrenaline and the thrill if you practice safe riding. It is of extreme essence that both you and your pillion rider are well dressed to combat any obstacle and unpredictability that may come your way. If motorcycling is done without the right gear it could not only lead to brutal injuries but could also be extremely fatal.

    Safety comes with being well covered and protected. A good rider and pillion rider need a helmet, protective gloves, comfortable shoes and protective clothing. Protective clothing primarily includes an excellent, well covered jacket. Now while many may think that any old jacket would do, a true professional would know that a biker’s jacket needs to be strong, durable and have great resistance to abrasion. Only two materials can proudly boast of such qualities – Kevlar and leather. Leather riding jackets are not just a style statement. There is actually more than one reason why biker’s jackets became popular. Leather motorcycle jackets provide the best protection; they are strong, durable, smart and most importantly take the majority of the load in case of a fall. Trusted for several years now and tried and tested by an innumerable number of bikers.

    For such an aggressive material, leather is soft against the skin and is ultimate in protecting you against the elements – be it wind, rain or snow. It keeps you nice and covered! Most importantly leather has a unique quality of molding itself to its wearer. In other words once you break into your leather biker jacket, you can safely say that the jacket has been purely custom made for you.

    A flexible and versatile material, there are a huge range of leather jackets available and it is of extreme essence that you chose for yourself the right leather biker jacket. Leather motorcycle jackets usually come with double lining for added protection. Remember to choose leather jackets that fit you perfectly. A jacket that is too tight will make you feel uncomfortable and constricted while riding. A loose leather riding jacket on the other hand could flap in the wind. Both cases can distract the rider which could lead to disastrous results. Leather remains a favorite pick among most bikers over any other material as they are classy, safer, stylish and can easily accommodate all sizes and types.

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