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  • Posted :   May 30th, 2011

    Father’s Day celebrated on 19 June 2011 across several countries world over and as the name suggests is a day dedicated to honor and thank your father or that father figure in your like an uncle or neighbor for his wonderful contribution to your life. It is a great time to let your father know just how much you truly value and respect him.

    As David Gottesman says, “Fathers, like mothers, are not born. Men grow into fathers and fathering is a very important stage in their development.”

    This man is someone who loves you and has created you and has sacrificed a huge deal to get you where you are today. Father’s Day is a wonderful way to thank him and gift him something as a token of your appreciation. Your old man deserves a well thought of gift – something that he will love and cherish for years. An ideal father’s day gift would be a great leather jacket.

    Unlike flowers which wilt away in a while or a photograph which is kept on a table somewhere, a leather jacket is something that your father will remember every time he wears it. Do remember that a leather jacket outlives a fabric like denim. A good quality leather jacket can last for up to 40 years.

    Leather jackets are available in a huge range of designs and patterns. You could buy your old man a leather bomber jacket or if he is a bike enthusiast a nice motorcycle leather jacket or if you are just unsure of what he would like then a casual leather jacket that would go over everything.

    When you are buying a leather jacket for your dad try and pick out something sober, smart and elegant. Opt for either a black or a brown shade – something that will match everything. Also, do keep in mind your dad’s tastes and choices. Don’t get something too flashy with zips and chains or something too youthful which you might wear.

    Your dad is bound to love the fact that you have got him a leather jacket. It is a safe yet invaluable gift – something that he can both use and treasure forever.

  • Posted :   May 26th, 2011

    Leather clothing is much more popular today than in the past, specifically for women. In most kind of media, from magazines to movies and TV, you will see women in leather apparel. From stylish clothing to casual outfits to hot sexy costumes, leather clothing can reflect lots of moods.

    As women, use clothing to create a statement, to exhibit your look, to provide an indication of your feelings with regards to you and also the world who are around you.

    Most people have heard the old saying, “Dress for success!” Well, success often means a variety of items to women. Success may also mean various things at different times towards the same woman. There are times when a women wishes to feel attractive and to stand out from the crowd, to say to the world, Look at me!

    There are times when women want to show their independence and dance to their own inner music. Sometimes women choose clothing simply to impress themselves get noticed and obtain compliments. The clothing they choose to wear is a reflection of these and a hundred other moods swings that they have. Emotions flow like a river through lives.

    Leather skirts could be short long and become quite sexy. Or they may be longer but still make an alluring fashion statement. Regardless of how short or long you prefer these phones be, below are great tips regarding how to wear sexy leather skirts: -

    1. A fundamental leather skirt comes with an elastic waistband that permits you to either take on it or slip it too deep.
    2. Some women prefer a skirt that zips in the front. The zipper can also add much more flair to some leather skirt, for the way far you zip up.
    3. The best among the leather skirts is the breakaway leather skirt.

    After you have a minimum of one leather skirt inside your wardrobe, you’ve one item of clothing which will never walk out style. While you shop, you just need to choose which type you prefer best and appears the very best you.

  • Posted :   May 24th, 2011

    Leather is timeless. It’s elegant, it’s trendy and it’s classy – qualities your child need not have just yet. So do you think it’s a good idea to dress your kids in leather? The answer is absolutely yes. Kids may not have to dress to look elegant or classy but they do need constant protection while they are playing and dressing them up, well, never hurt anyone.

    Kid’s leather jackets are extremely popular. They keep your little bundle of joy all bundled up, protects them against the elements and looks quite spectacular while doing the rest. Whether you are going out on a trip or just sending him to play or just taking him or her to the park, a leather jacket is a wonderful idea. Leather as a material is is extremely soft against the skin – guaranteeing your kid a comfortable fit.

    Leather pants are quite fascinating too. If your little one enjoys running about and takes a tumble now and again then a leather pant is a superb way of keeping him protected. Leather is one of those fabrics that can survive abrasions and wear and tear taking most of the damage on itself. That’s why leather is used to make motorcycle jackets. Remember not to get your kid a tight leather pant though. He or she has plenty of energy and would love to run about, jump and climb. A tight leather pant would simply constrict his movement. Pick out something roomy and fun.

    Leather blazers are fabulous for church wear or any other formal occasion. Your little angel would look wonderful going for a birthday party with a nice little leather blazer on.

    Do remember that you are dressing up kids so opt for the bright colors. Blues, greens, pinks, whites, reds – all make for wonderful leather attire. A great way to purchase leather clothing for your child is to order online. They come cheaper and the best thing is that most online shopping sites allow you to custom make your choice of leather store to your kid’s exact specifications. Please do check the credentials of the web site before ordering though.

  • Posted :   May 23rd, 2011

    It’s an established fact now that leather dresses are loved and how. Everyone from A-listers to everyday people have shown their affinity to the trend this is increasingly gripping the globe. Leather dresses are smart, they’re trendy and they look absolutely fabulous. While most women do know how to select the perfect leather dress, they falter when it comes to choosing the right accessories. A huge mistake is combining leather with more leather. The trick is to get the perfect balance. Why not look toward celebrities who pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to designers for dressing them up great and making them look fantastic!

    •    Salma Hayek:

    A beautiful leather dress in an interesting burnt orange color, Selma looks fantastic in her summer choice. She chose to combine it with similar colored high heel pumps and just a simple belt along the waist. The ruffles along the neckline added enough pomp without adding anymore accessories. Her hair was pulled back in a simple bun giving the dress all the attention it truly deserved.

    •    Alicia Keys:

    It’s actually kind of fun to see someone wearing rich brown because most celebs seem to stay clear of the color. It’s even more fun when the rich brown is in leather. The brown leather jacket she chose to wear over her dress is wonderfully funky and the rich collar kind of looks fantastic. Add to it her drop sparkly earrings and a simple brown clutch purse and you know that lady knows how to rock her leather jacket. Her hair too is just pulled back from her face to let the entire emphasis be on the beautiful dress.

    •    Malin Akerman:

    This is a look to dig! It’s unconventional and it’s great – the blend of a tough textile and a girlie silhouette. Add to it her once again unconventional grey shoes, a delicate bracelet and a simple clutch and what do you get? A very beautiful looking Malin Akerman.

    •    Irina Shayk:

    If anyone can carry off a leather jumpsuit with style it has to be supermodel Irina Shayk. She looks like she’s having fun and the black bandage shoes seem to be doing her outfit justice!

  • Posted :   May 19th, 2011

    What could be a more fitting way to celebrate Memorial Day than with a cookout? Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the US and is being celebrated as per tradition on the last Monday of May that is the 30th. Some holidays find their origin in religion, while others commemorate an important historical person, while still others honor a particular day or world culture. Memorial Day is the only one holiday, which rose out of appreciation for and remembrance of every person who sacrificed their lives defending the nation. Memorial Day has traditionally been a day of remembering the many heroes who lost their lives during wars in which the United States has been involved. No single place or person can be credited with originating Memorial Day because several communities and towns were dedicating time to decorate the graves of American soldiers and arranging gatherings in remembrance of our nation’s heroes well before Memorial Day was even officially declared.

    Nowadays, most Americans celebrate Memorial Day as the official kick-off of Barbeque Season. Get ready to warm up the coals, pull out the cooler, and create a spread of summer salads and side dishes. Bring the summer in with a blast by throwing the greatest party of the season. Keep the planning simple so you can focus on having fun and enjoying your guests when they arrive.

    If you are no0t busy throwing a party, you will probably be summoned to a barbecue (or two) this month, which basically means lots of food, friends and family. Gear up for the warm weather and great food with comfortable and casual pieces that you can wear all spring long.

    A superb choice would be leather clothing. They are smart, light and look brilliant. You could wear a leather combination dress or a pretty leather ruffled skirt. Men can opt for a great leather jacket over their denims. Do remember to add red, blue or white to your apparel. This would be a brilliant compliment to your leather outfit. Leather shorts is another great option for women.

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