• Posted :   Apr 29th, 2011

    Leather has uniqueness to it. Its fragrance, the way it moulds itself to your skin, the softness of the material, the sheer feel of it, the ironical delicate toughness and so on! Leather tops have always been a favorite among celebrities. Maybe it’s the fact that you just cannot go wrong with it or the fact that it looks so delicious or maybe a blend of everything. Leather is so indescribable.

    Women have a huge range of choices when it comes to leather tops. The most classic one is a strapless and black leather bustier top with an asymmetrical hemline. It can be combined with denims, with cargos, with a beautiful chiffon skirt and so on! It’s perfect when you are unsure of what to wear. It works fabulously for a night out in town, a casual outing and with a little bit of glitter or make up makes you quite the stunner.

    Another great choice is the strappy leather tank top! Pick out a bright red color or a deep maroon.  Combine it with black corduroys. The effect is utterly sizzling. A leather top is a great choice for a semi formal function. Remember never to combine leather with leather though. The effect is rather disastrous and can be misinterpreted.

    A leather top takes formals to a whole new level. Combine a simple leather top – preferably in a more demure color with a blazer suit. The peek of leather through your blazer coat will give off the most exquisite vibes. It makes you feel more confident, look more assertive and gives you an appearance of being in charge.

    Make sure that you care for your leather top well though. A good leather top can last you a while. The beauty of a leather top is that it can be combined with a whole range of concoctions and still look fabulous. In fact, the top retains its originality and beauty and always remains the highlight of the outfit!

    Select a leather top that makes you feel comfortable. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable in leather – it shows!

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