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  • Posted :   Apr 30th, 2011

    Of course leather is fantastic, gorgeous and all that but have you ever wondered why we only see so much of black leather around? Yes, it is the traditional color and yes the first leather jacket was also in black but that was more than a few decades ago. So what keeps black as such a hot favorite even years down the line? From celebs to the fashion conscious – black leather is always preferred.

    It could be because black is more comfortable. It matches a whole range of outfits; it looks fantastic and goes with the typical traditional stereotype of leather. Then again it could be that just like the LBD (little black dress) it creates a sense of comfort.  Undoubtedly the traditional black leather is still highly popular be it in the category of leather jackets or leather pants or leather bombers.

    When it comes to leather dresses and women’s leather shorts however, colors seem to do better. Women love their colors – however only the more demure shades like beiges, deep golds or a deep maroon seem to make it through. White is another favorite.

    Brown seems to be catching up quickly in the leather world. Browns are probably not what you would call a vast improvement over black, especially for enthusiasts of bright colors, it is still fascinating shade. Everything from a basic beige to a deep tan brown is getting very highly accepted.

    Colors seem to work best in suede leather. Suede leather is probably one of the only places where the bright colors quickly and easily outshine the basic blacks and browns. Purples, greens, blues, and yellows – everything is acceptable so long as it is suede! Suede leather looks great in skirts, tops, dresses, pants and jackets. They are soft, have a slight velvety feel to them and look awesome on the wearer.

    Leather dresses are slowly but steadily experiencing the world of color. Light greens, pinks, reds and blues always look wonderful when it comes to dresses. Red and black, of course, dominate the more ‘naughty’ leather creations.

  • Posted :   Apr 29th, 2011

    Leather has uniqueness to it. Its fragrance, the way it moulds itself to your skin, the softness of the material, the sheer feel of it, the ironical delicate toughness and so on! Leather tops have always been a favorite among celebrities. Maybe it’s the fact that you just cannot go wrong with it or the fact that it looks so delicious or maybe a blend of everything. Leather is so indescribable.

    Women have a huge range of choices when it comes to leather tops. The most classic one is a strapless and black leather bustier top with an asymmetrical hemline. It can be combined with denims, with cargos, with a beautiful chiffon skirt and so on! It’s perfect when you are unsure of what to wear. It works fabulously for a night out in town, a casual outing and with a little bit of glitter or make up makes you quite the stunner.

    Another great choice is the strappy leather tank top! Pick out a bright red color or a deep maroon.  Combine it with black corduroys. The effect is utterly sizzling. A leather top is a great choice for a semi formal function. Remember never to combine leather with leather though. The effect is rather disastrous and can be misinterpreted.

    A leather top takes formals to a whole new level. Combine a simple leather top – preferably in a more demure color with a blazer suit. The peek of leather through your blazer coat will give off the most exquisite vibes. It makes you feel more confident, look more assertive and gives you an appearance of being in charge.

    Make sure that you care for your leather top well though. A good leather top can last you a while. The beauty of a leather top is that it can be combined with a whole range of concoctions and still look fabulous. In fact, the top retains its originality and beauty and always remains the highlight of the outfit!

    Select a leather top that makes you feel comfortable. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable in leather – it shows!

  • Posted :   Apr 28th, 2011

    There is absolutely no reason why a woman cannot wear a mini skirt when she wants to! Every single woman has the right to feel attractive about herself and good about her own body. A great mini skirt is an essential in a trendy woman’s wardrobe.

    A mini skirt in itself is a fun fashion item. Add to it the tangy cheeriness of leather and you have got yourself a definite eye turner! Now a leather mini skirt may not be everyone’s cup of tea but for those who do enjoy the trend or are looking to explore it here are a few pointers for you.

    It’s very important to pick out the right look. There are loads of leather miniskirts available in a plethora of patterns. It is oh so important for you to choose the right one. The classic bias and A-line cuts compliment most women, while the tighter, straight fit variety tend to work best on those long-legged, slender and younger wearers. An ideal option topping the fashion charts right now are the ruffled leather minis. They are superbly feminine and look absolutely ravishing. The space provided makes it supremely comfortable to wear and it matches a whole variety of tops and combinations.

    It is so important to combine your leather mini skirt with the right pair of shoes. Remember the mirror is your best friend. Make sure to look at what you think suits the look the best!  Wedge shoes blend quite well with a leather miniskirt since the former’s heaviness offsets the shortness of the latter and provides a sort of an “anchor”. Another great option are the pointed flat shoes. High heels look quite spectacular too. But the type of leather skirt you choose and the appeal you give off could lead to different intonations.

    Leather mini skirts also benefit from the type of top you choose to combine with it. T-shirts tend to work perfectly with most minis. However you must note that the shortness of a skirt can over emphasize a large bust. Hence your choice of top is of prime importance.

    Warning: Watch the length and the taste of your leather miniskirt. You may come off as skanky if you pick one that is too tiny for your body.

  • Posted :   Apr 27th, 2011

    Leather dresses are something that has won the heart of many a woman and are slowly but steadily gaining acceptance. Obviously it has been considered as something of a sensual statement with celebs walking about in gorgeous tight creations. But leather dresses are more than black or red fabrics that perfectly mould the body. A leather dress is about feminism and grace; it’s about elegance and a regal beauty that only the freshness of leather can inspire. The added undertone of pure sensuality only adds to the killer combination. The shiny, audacious, stiff and soft material has slowly crept its way into every woman’s wardrobe in the form of dresses.

    Leather dresses are pretty much like ordinary dresses when it comes to variety. They come in a plethora of cuts, shapes and sizes – halters, back less, off shoulder,  sweet heart neckline, straps, cut off from waist, V or U neck, high slits, navel cut out, floor kissing and so much more. All sorts of colors from the traditional blacks to bright blues, deep greens and even rugged browns have made their appearance. An ideal way of re defining the LBD (Little Black Dress) would be to pick one in leather. Like I said, in terms of variety leather dresses are pretty much the same as ordinary fabrics but when it comes to appearance there is a world of a difference. No other fabric can carry off a personality like leather. Its strong yet subtle, durable yet soft, rugged yet delicate. Leather dresses are a series of contradictions adding that air of mystique!

    No matter what your type of body leather is flattering. It’s stiff yet soft approach ensures that you can mould the dress to your liking; avoid the parts you don’t want it to cling to while highlighting all that you would prefer to. Remember to purchase your exact size. Plus sized girls now have something that they can see on a mannequin and actually try on and experience gorgeous results. Leather has this astonishing quality of being able to make you look deviously sexy, super slim and wickedly adventurous all at the same time!

  • Posted :   Apr 26th, 2011

    Leather is a lovable material. Of course, it’s a delightful irony – soft yet tough, stylish yet practical, durable for years yet always trendy!  With fabric that is so excellent, it’s hard to make an ideal choice of what kind of leather apparel is the best to select. Here are a few tips to make you look good and make the perfect choice.

    1.    Never combine leather with leather. A leather top looks great; a leather pant also looks fabulous. Together, however they are a fashion disaster. Keep away from mixing leather with leather unless your name is Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson or an aspiring rock star. Leather combines with a variety of materials – leather is not one of them! Leather blended with leather is a major fashion fax pas.

    2.    Leather is highly durable. With just the most minimal amount of care, a leather outfit can last for up to 30 years. If you are on a tight budget and you are looking to experiment with leather for its versatility then the best thing to opt for would be a leather jacket. It keeps you warm, lasts for years; it’s extremely stylish and remains trendy even 13-14 years down the line. A leather jacket is an excellent buy. Choosing something else like a leather dress or a leather pant could be a little risky in terms of outgrowing it.  However, it would be unfair to undermine the sheer brilliance of both leather dresses as well as leather pants. They look sensational and give off the most appealing look. They hold their very own pedestal in the fashion world.

    3.    Leather clothing is of course available in a plethora of colors! Sizzling reds, dashing blacks, austere browns – the choices are infinite – so which do you pick? Choose a color according to your need. If it’s only the current fashion that interests you then pick out the most promising color of the season. For those who are unsure of what to pick – black is the way to go! It’s traditionally loved and matches just about everything. For those who are looking for something other than black but not too bright, pick among the deeper shades of browns!

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