• Posted :   Mar 24th, 2011

    Jumpsuits are not meant for everyone. It takes great style, confidence and assertiveness to carry it off. Add to the fact that you are interested in a jumpsuit in leather and you have got yourself a fashion disaster waiting to happen. Don’t take me wrong! Leather jumpsuits are absolutely exquisite. They are remarkably chic, stylish and look gorgeous! The problem lies in carrying them off. A leather jumpsuit is like a double edged suit. One wrong move – in this case it could be your confidence, accessories or your attitude, and you could be walking along the path of fashion blunder.

    Let us start from the basics. We have already established that a leather jumpsuit looks great. Now comes the next big question – where can you wear them? Jumpsuits in general can be categorized under the casual section. Leather jumpsuits are not much of an exception. They can fall anywhere from the sensual division to the party section to the casual evening out section – all depending on the styling, cut and length of the jumpsuit. The one section that always remains a constant, of course, is the trendy section. You can be rest assured that you are going to look great!

    The reason I so strongly insist that a jumpsuit, more so a leather jumpsuit, is not meant for everyone is because you are going to turn a lot of heads in your direction and get plenty of attention. Jumpsuits are not so common and you wouldn’t really see them all the time around you. Even rarer are leather jumpsuits. So in other words, when you do wear it you really are going to have to carry it off.

    There are a range of styles available in leather jumpsuits both for men and women. Leather jumpsuits, are of course, more preferred by the fairer sex. You can choose from a plethora of options.

    •    The formal variety usually lets you combine your leather jumpsuit with a full sleeved formal shirt. They can be worn to a professional organization on a casual working day.
    •    If you are interested in a jumpsuit for a wild night around town, I suggest you pick out one with short attached with a belt cinching around the waist. Alternatively, you can also pick out a skinny jumpsuit which will emphasize your silhouette.
    •    The sensual variety usually includes jumpsuits that closely resemble a one piece swim suit.
    •    If you are looking for just a casual evening out with friends, select a loose 3/4th pant leather jumpsuit. It looks elegant and trendy while at the same time a perfect choice for a casual evening out.

      It is very important that you accessorize right when it comes to jumpsuits. Even the best leather jumpsuit will not be able to redeem you from a fashion faux pas if you go wrong with the accessories. Your best option is to go minimal. Short, fitting jumpsuits can be combined with long chains. Preferably avoid them if you are planning to go long. Simple pumps or peek a boo shoes match jumpsuits perfectly!

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