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  • Posted :   Mar 30th, 2011

    I’ve seen the clichéd long chains with the dangling peace symbols and I’ve see the chunky shiny jewelry but celebrities seem to have their own take on how to combine their leather outfits with the funkiest, wackiest and yet fantastic accessories. Here are a few celebs who have successfully managed to grab the attention of the viewer not just with their superb outfits but also with their funky combinations!

    Katerina Graham

    Check out those whacked out purple shoes! Leather is sexy; those purple booties are unusual and the whole combination is totally mind blowing. Katerina is looking so cute – almost pixie like and boy is she carrying it off like a perfect angel!

    Zoe Saldana

    Just her beige leather dress is wondrous in itself but pairing it with these ultra cute two-tone brown and burgundy shoes is like the cherry on the cake. Not even close to an obvious choice, it stands out and yet put all together it looks simply superb!

    Nicole Scherzinger

    Leather is more often than not combined with simple black slip-ons or open toed shoes. I like that Nicole has combined her shiny leather pants and jacket with this almost sandal like pair of shoes! It somehow cuts off the sharpness of the leather overdose.

    Paris Hilton

    Paris Hilton chose to combine her bright red leather dress with the most awesome silver shoes. The whole combination looked a bit off and yet it seemed to work perfectly well together! You have got to hand it out to her – the woman never fails to surprise!

    Nicole Richie

    It would be totally unfair to exclude Richie. She may not be making it to the news anymore but you cannot deny sexy shoes their due footage (pun intended) especially when combined with a super sexy leather dress. The whole black and white combination looks rather charming. A definite like!

    John Legend

    Instead of the usual bling that is almost always added to hip hop stars wearing leather jackets, John Legend instead chose to accessorize his gunmetal colored leather jacket with a deep grey shawl and a pair of brown and beige converse shoes! Well done Mr. Legend! You are definitely living up to your name!

  • Posted :   Mar 29th, 2011

    No one can deny the joys of spring and almost everyone will welcome the chance to finally get out of layers of snow and bundled up clothing. It is a little strange to be suggesting leather jackets for the season of spring – especially when you’ve just finally extracted yourself from warm clothing. While leather has its positive practical points like wrapping you with warmth – it also is one of the toppers on the trendy chart. The magic is how to radiate style without getting uncomfortable.

    Contrary to what most people say, a leather jacket is quite a whopper in your spring wardrobe. All you need to do is re align your thoughts to what kind of jacket to choose. Stay away from bulky bombers or high necked jackets. Instead opt for the following choices:

    Sleeveless Leather Cowboy Jacket:

    This jacket is an absolute delight. They are sleeveless and usually come with only open flaps devoid of buttons. Sometimes a set of strings on either flap add that perfect cowboy look. Combine it with a simple checked formal shirt if you want to go all the way with the cozy cow boy look or else just add a plain white tee tucked into denims.

    Sleeveless leather Vest Coat:

    Another great option! The hemline of the leather coat hangs below the derriere and creates a look of chic style combined with a tinge of practicality.

    As usual, the choices for women always exceed those of men. A favorite has to be those short cropped leather jackets that can be worn as tops or combined with a casual tee. Another great option is to opt for those short cropped jackets with full sleeves. The lower hemline ends just below the chest or even higher. They look absolutely dazzling especially if you want to showcase a long waist line.

    Suede leather is probably the most spring like material amongst all of the leather offerings. There are a whole variety suede leather jackets available and they have a raw sexy feel to it! Don’t be afraid to experiment with bright colors like blues and pinks. Of course nothing can take away from the raw sensuality of black.

  • Posted :   Mar 28th, 2011

    Sometimes, yes I have to admit it, even leather can’t save an outfit. No matter how glorious leather is as a fabric – the worn combinations can simply send you from stardom to dumb-dumb. Here are a few celebs that have gone out of their way to prove that if leather is combined wrong – it can lead to some disastrous effects!

    1.    Christina Aguilera

    Sigh! Christina no! Not even that awesome leather jacket you’re wearing take away from the fact that you have combined it with transparent stockings. True! We did say a little glitter always makes for a great public appearance but we did mean it on a more productive piece of clothing – preferably something that is worn over your stockings!

    2.    Nicki Minaj

    I feel it in my heart that I should forgive her or at least give her the benefit of doubt. Maybe she really didn’t have the time to change out of her dominatrix costume and so she hastily wrapped around some tulle to confuse everyone! Or maybe not! A leather combination dress can be done so beautifully – alas!

    3.    Lady Gaga

    So this is what Lady Gaga wears to the airports. It serves a dual purpose you know. Just in case, the radio tower stops working or the signals are off balance, all we have to do is take Lady Gaga and get her to stand along the runaway along with her thirteen inch heels. What with her black and yellow shiny leather combination along with the weird cat suit sleeves, you never know, the planes will land perfectly! She really is a super hero people!

    4.    Taylor Momsen

    Once again a spectacular leather jacket wasted! Dear Taylor, not even that great jacket you have on can save you from the fact that what you are wearing is essentially a petticoat with rather high panty-hoes that seems to have torn, caught a run and belonged to 5 years back But I do commend you for the effort you started putting at the top if your dress.

    5.    Jada Pinkett Smith

    Such a pretty lady with an awesome pair of leather shorts. That’s what I thought! But I did scroll through the picture from toes up and the up saddened me deeply. What could have essentially been an awesome combination to go with the awesome pair of leather shorts instead ended up terribly muddled!

  • Posted :   Mar 24th, 2011

    Shopping! I do a mental whoop every time I even think the word! Take it from a determined shopaholic and a leatheroholic (I just made that word up), to control your shopping spree is so not easy. It’s safe to say that I have put in years of practice and finally learned to control my shopping urges. Here are a few tips to help you purchase the perfect leather garments without going overboard:

    1.    Budget yourself:

    This, I learned, is the simplest and easiest way to control a crazy shopping spree. I sit down and budget how much I need to spend. I then withdraw that amount and head out to shop with exactly that amount!  Leave all my credit and debit cards safely locked up at home! This ensures that I don’t go overboard even if I wish to.

    2.    Plan your shopping:

    Decide what you need to purchase. Sit yourself down and make a list. If you need a new leather blazer, consider how urgent your requirement is – if you need something else more! Once you have made up your mind, write down in a list all the things you need to buy and set an approximate price range for each of them.

    It is okay to splurge once in a way, just as a feel good factor. When you do it once in a way you do not get racked with guilt later on!

    3.    Shop online:

    I have realized that this is another hassle free and great way to shop for leather clothes – all from the comfort of your home. The rates are usually more reasonable, there are no annoying sales people constantly peeking over your shoulder and the clothes are always created according to your exact measurements, making them wonderful to wear.

    You must beware though that you are purchasing your clothes from a trustworthy site. You will not only be giving the site your card details but also your address! Also, check for the credibility to ensure that you are receiving good quality leather clothes and not a cheap imitation.

  • Posted :   Mar 24th, 2011

    Jumpsuits are not meant for everyone. It takes great style, confidence and assertiveness to carry it off. Add to the fact that you are interested in a jumpsuit in leather and you have got yourself a fashion disaster waiting to happen. Don’t take me wrong! Leather jumpsuits are absolutely exquisite. They are remarkably chic, stylish and look gorgeous! The problem lies in carrying them off. A leather jumpsuit is like a double edged suit. One wrong move – in this case it could be your confidence, accessories or your attitude, and you could be walking along the path of fashion blunder.

    Let us start from the basics. We have already established that a leather jumpsuit looks great. Now comes the next big question – where can you wear them? Jumpsuits in general can be categorized under the casual section. Leather jumpsuits are not much of an exception. They can fall anywhere from the sensual division to the party section to the casual evening out section – all depending on the styling, cut and length of the jumpsuit. The one section that always remains a constant, of course, is the trendy section. You can be rest assured that you are going to look great!

    The reason I so strongly insist that a jumpsuit, more so a leather jumpsuit, is not meant for everyone is because you are going to turn a lot of heads in your direction and get plenty of attention. Jumpsuits are not so common and you wouldn’t really see them all the time around you. Even rarer are leather jumpsuits. So in other words, when you do wear it you really are going to have to carry it off.

    There are a range of styles available in leather jumpsuits both for men and women. Leather jumpsuits, are of course, more preferred by the fairer sex. You can choose from a plethora of options.

    •    The formal variety usually lets you combine your leather jumpsuit with a full sleeved formal shirt. They can be worn to a professional organization on a casual working day.
    •    If you are interested in a jumpsuit for a wild night around town, I suggest you pick out one with short attached with a belt cinching around the waist. Alternatively, you can also pick out a skinny jumpsuit which will emphasize your silhouette.
    •    The sensual variety usually includes jumpsuits that closely resemble a one piece swim suit.
    •    If you are looking for just a casual evening out with friends, select a loose 3/4th pant leather jumpsuit. It looks elegant and trendy while at the same time a perfect choice for a casual evening out.

      It is very important that you accessorize right when it comes to jumpsuits. Even the best leather jumpsuit will not be able to redeem you from a fashion faux pas if you go wrong with the accessories. Your best option is to go minimal. Short, fitting jumpsuits can be combined with long chains. Preferably avoid them if you are planning to go long. Simple pumps or peek a boo shoes match jumpsuits perfectly!

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