• Posted :   Dec 10th, 2009

    man-fashionMen fashion consists of innumerable items which together make men look fashionable. Just like women, men fashion ensemble also consists of apparels, footwear, accessories and jewelry. When they wear all look smart, handsome and dashing.

    Men fashion should be decided by the formality of event. It helps in accentuating their personality. Everything should be special from head to toe. With smart clothing, a nice hairstyle, neat and clean shoes and accessories all are equally important to men for polished look. But most important in all is pick up stuffs that reflect your style.

    Men fashion apparel includes variety ranging from formals (like shirt, pants, trousers etc. to informal (like jeans, funky tops etc.) to casuals (like track pants, drawstring shorts etc.) to winter wears (like leather jackets, sweaters, pullovers, leather coats etc.). Men have ample variety in clothes. The clothes mentioned here come in various styles, colors and patterns for men.

    But these outfits are charm less until they are teamed with right accessories. Attire whether for men or women are incomplete without accessories. Men accessories are leather wallets, leather briefcase, sunglasses, trendy leather belt, fragrance perfume, cufflink etc. Another essential item for men is jewelry. Do not misunderstand that jewelry is women property only. With changing times jewelry has become great fashion statement for men also. Men jewelry includes men bracelets, earring, chains, and pendants etc.

    Last but not the least one of the most essential men fashion ensemble i.e. shoes are must for enhancing appearance. Men you need to give due consideration to your shoes. Leather shoes are in vogue and most appropriate footwear for men. They look elegant and classy too. Apart from them for summer season leather thongs and leather sandals are most comfortable. For winters fashionable leather boots are good as they impart style with warmth.

    In the end one precious thing which is generally neglected but does wonders to appearance is smile. Fashionable men with smile on face sends image of stylish yet generous men.

    Now you would have got a clear idea that men can be equally fashionable like women, just their way is different. The above mentioned pointers have mentioned everything about men’s fashion. Get ready to become a fashion icon by following them. There is nothing something out of your reach.

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