• Posted :   Oct 21st, 2009

    jennifer-aniston Craze for celebrities is very common amongst common mass. People are very much fascinated with celebrities and with their day to day lives. That’s why they love reading celebrity gossips. Looking celebrity photos is another fascination amongst people that attracts them. Computer’s desktop background, walls of room, book covers etc. are seen decking with celebrity photos. Why? Read below to get insight into this question.
    All want to be fashionable and stylish nowadays and photos of celebrities tell them how to do so. People follow them by exactly dressing like them. Their photos fill a need of self-expression. Some simply like looking at celebrity photos because they enjoy a certain celebrity style and gossip written related to it. They greatly influence our life style.
    For relating them to reality
    For some, celebrities are not real people but of imaginary world. People think that looking at celebrity photos they can know about their personal lives. Photos make celebrities more real and human. Their various photos like taking walk with dog, shopping, in a religious ceremony, wedding photos etc. relate them to real life like normal people. That’s why they like looking at their photos.
    For distracting mind
    Many gets too tired from their daily routine and looking at celebrity photos give them pleasure and helps in distracting mind from daily boredom. They feel fresh by starring at celebrities face, dress, footwear, accessories etc.
    Curiosity to know about personal lives of celebrities is yet another reason people love seeing celebrity photos. Celebrity photos fill and satisfy people’s curiosity. Photos tell a lot about what is unknown. Celebrity’s personal life draws towards them and makes judgments based on a photo even if it is none of our business who is dating who. People find celebrities photos in magazines, photos with scandalous issues etc. very interesting. This fills their curiosity.
    For enjoyment
    Enjoyment is another reason people find by looking at celebrity’s photos. Celebrities photos lift human’s spirit and attracts them towards glamorous world. They find their photos enjoyable, fun to look at and please eyes very much.
    These all are the reasons the craze for celebrity photos is increasing day by day.

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