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  • Posted :   Oct 29th, 2009

    model_leather_dressModel is a term used to define fashion diva having flawless body, sharp features, perfect fashion sense and accurate posture. But don’t think all this they get with birth. Determination and hard work are its prerequisites. Whether woman wants to become a model or not is up to her but looking like a model is certain what she hatches. Looking like models is not impossible. If you are the one vying for those model looks below are given tips for how to look like a model.

    Perfect fit is the most important thing for getting model look. It requires perfect weight according to height and toned body.

    Top and bottom parts of body are most eye-catching thus your hairs and shoes should be well refined and should go with your looks. This is called to be in style which helps a lot to look like a model.

    For cognition of right hairstyle consult a hairstylist. They are best advisor. Moreover every model does have own hairstylist. You cal also consult magazines, which give info about hairstyles latest in vogue.

    Keep your hairs clean and in style all the time. Get them trimmed every two three months.

    In footwear wear what goes with your personality and make you look feminine. They should be clean and comfortable as well.

    Know your body type, height, skin tone etc. well and implement what all looks on them. For that read and develop fashion sense. This will help you look fashionable and stylish like models.

    Genuine smile should always be there on your face. It oozes out positivity and a great way to come into people’s notice.

    Make up is must. You will never find models without make up. Make sure you are applying correct make up that accentuate your features and make you look pretty. Wrong make up can ruin your personality.

    Exfoliate skin once in a month. Exfoliating keeps skin soft and beautiful, which is requisite for model look.

    Be hygienic i.e. keep nails and feet clean and polished at all times. Also keep teeth clean for that charismatic smile.

    Socializing is vital. Go out with friends, meet new people and interact.

    Keep maximum knowledge about fashion. Know about the latest arts, film, music, fashion, news and all happening things in fashion.

    All above points are of no use until you have good posture. For that keep shoulders straight, walk straight, sit straight, sleep on hard mattresses and keep chin tuck in.

    No one can stop you from looking like a model if you follow the above pointers seriously.

  • Posted :   Oct 21st, 2009

    jennifer-aniston Craze for celebrities is very common amongst common mass. People are very much fascinated with celebrities and with their day to day lives. That’s why they love reading celebrity gossips. Looking celebrity photos is another fascination amongst people that attracts them. Computer’s desktop background, walls of room, book covers etc. are seen decking with celebrity photos. Why? Read below to get insight into this question.
    All want to be fashionable and stylish nowadays and photos of celebrities tell them how to do so. People follow them by exactly dressing like them. Their photos fill a need of self-expression. Some simply like looking at celebrity photos because they enjoy a certain celebrity style and gossip written related to it. They greatly influence our life style.
    For relating them to reality
    For some, celebrities are not real people but of imaginary world. People think that looking at celebrity photos they can know about their personal lives. Photos make celebrities more real and human. Their various photos like taking walk with dog, shopping, in a religious ceremony, wedding photos etc. relate them to real life like normal people. That’s why they like looking at their photos.
    For distracting mind
    Many gets too tired from their daily routine and looking at celebrity photos give them pleasure and helps in distracting mind from daily boredom. They feel fresh by starring at celebrities face, dress, footwear, accessories etc.
    Curiosity to know about personal lives of celebrities is yet another reason people love seeing celebrity photos. Celebrity photos fill and satisfy people’s curiosity. Photos tell a lot about what is unknown. Celebrity’s personal life draws towards them and makes judgments based on a photo even if it is none of our business who is dating who. People find celebrities photos in magazines, photos with scandalous issues etc. very interesting. This fills their curiosity.
    For enjoyment
    Enjoyment is another reason people find by looking at celebrity’s photos. Celebrities photos lift human’s spirit and attracts them towards glamorous world. They find their photos enjoyable, fun to look at and please eyes very much.
    These all are the reasons the craze for celebrity photos is increasing day by day.

  • Posted :   Oct 15th, 2009

    leather_coatsTrend can be new or can revive from old already existed before. Here we are talking about leather trench coats, which were in existence since years ago. But that time they were not as much developed and just were used for functional purpose. But today leather trench coats are again in trend with new face.

    Silhouette of leather trench coats have also altered a lot now. It has started coming with double breast having slotted pockets, an adaptable collar and four buttons. These details have greatly enhanced their look. Even designers are coming up with many new ideas with respect to leather trench coats. They are adding many new and unique features to them.

    New styles in trench coats have largely attracted shoppers towards them. They can go for either double breasted or single breasted, cropped or full length, belted and even wax-coated leather trench coats as per their preference. Many options are open for them. Also unlike before when they were only used for protection against cold or wind, today they have become season friendly.

    Leather trench coats are seen making great fashion statements at places. Even great celebrities and super models also do not lag behind from wearing them. As they are for both sexes both men and women can wear them. Also they can be worn over various outfits like suits, jeans, trousers, skirts etc. They are a great addition to your closet. Leather trench coats come in wide ranges of lengths and an array of colors, so it should be easy to find the most flattering style for you. Black leather trench coats are the most preferred ones. Classy black color is the main reason behind it. They are available in styles and sizes. These coats can be worn over anything and can be taken to any occasion from office to lunch to dinner party etc.

    This outfit is a very exclusive piece of clothing that exudes timeless class. Leather trench coats have never gone out of style; the changes in their silhouette are just for accommodating changing trends. Therefore certainly have at least one piece of leather trench coat in your wardrobe so that you are never deprived of that perfect something to wear with any of your outfits.

  • Posted :   Oct 13th, 2009

    leather-beltsLeather outfits admiration is done all over the world. But as said any outfit is incomplete without accessories thus leather has come up with exclusive leather accessories to prove that it is excelled in everything. Here in discussion are leather belts, one of the most sought after accessory of present time.

    Leather belts are greatly in fad nowadays. They have earned a title of fashion statement making accessory. Both sexes wardrobe is incomplete without them. Versatility is another plus point of leather belts. They easily go well with any outfit and with providing help in uplifting outfit also give fashionable look.

    With respect to their silhouette there are ample varieties. Various shapes, sizes, designs and colors are available in them. Leather belts are both narrow and wide in size. You can opt for any as per the choice.
    Wide leather belts are for portraying fashion and lend stylish look. On the other hand narrow leather belts are also good but not as ravishing as wider ones. Generally they are worn for only upholding outfits.

    Leather belts are simple as well as trendy. Trendy ones are decked with beads, stones, rhinestones, sequins, prints etc. They are also cut in dramatic shapes and come with or without buckles. Color wise also there are various options. Leather belts come in all colors like black, brown, red, purple, yellow etc. Like other things leather belts are also versatile with occasions, thus can be worn to any place. You can wear it as formal, semi formal or as casual Wear.They are fabricated with various types of leathers like Cowhide Leather, Buffalo Leather, Pigskin Leather, Genuine Leather, Deer Skin Leather, Lambskin Leather, Rabbit Skin Leather etc. These are quite soft in feel.

    Leather belts have become an essential part of dressing and have a great hand behind looking exquisite. Therefore give special heed to them. They can make or break your appearance. Add incredible dimension to your appearance and personality with proper looking leather belt that enhance your look profoundly.

  • Posted :   Oct 7th, 2009

    leather-jacketLeather jackets are everybody’s favorite. All want to have them in their wardrobe and do so. But shopping does not just mean to purchase leather jacket but actually it means to have the best possible deal. This article will confront you with some tips which will help you in saving your money and guarantee a successful buy.

    Leather type is foremost important thing to consider while purchasing leather jacket. Though many leathers are used in their making like cowhide leather, buffalo skin leather, pig skin leather and so on but no one matches the exquisiteness of lambskin leather. Leather jackets made out of lambskin are lighter and much comfortable to wear. In addition it has fewer crests or scratches on the skin, giving the leather a more uniform look. Hence always go for lambskin leather jackets.

    Lining of leather jacket is another important consideration one should look for very importantly. Many people forget to look at it thinking it is not essential but they do not know that lining tells a lot of about the quality of the craftsmanship. If lining is good it means proper care is taken in the making of leather jacket else not. Thus look for the best lining leather jacket.

    Finishing touches are also very important to look for. It includes buttons, zippers, pockets etc. Looking at them you will come to know whether they are made of good quality or not. It will also tell about the quality of leather jacket with which it is made.

    Stitching makes a world of difference and easily distinguishes between cheap leather jacket and high quality leather jacket. A low quality thread will soon rip off your leather jacket while good quality thread will remain for years. Thus give special heed to threading used.

    Thus next time when you go for purchasing a leather jacket keep the above tips in mind for settling on a high quality leather jacket.

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