• Posted :   Jul 14th, 2009

    woman-with-sale-shopping-bagThe word ‘sales’ trigger women to jump, why so? This article will disclose that only. Foremost thing is women loves shopping and sales are a great part of shopping. If women simply can go for shopping then during sales season it’s an added advantage for her to get same things at discounted rates. This is one of the main reasons why women love sales.

    As women read sales anywhere entire womenfolk become excited and run towards nearest shopping mall. Women of all occupations i.e. doctors, engineers, domestic ladies etc are seen in sales shop. This says about the magical nature of sales that entices all types of women. Also online stores come up with sales option from time to time. Even some has ‘clearance sale’ category. One should make the most of these sales items as they are cheap yet full of quality.

    But the main thing is what is so enticing about sales. Why women wait for them in anticipation. Here are the reasons.

    1) Discount rates

    Bargaining is very common with women, which even sometimes ruin their shopping when seller does not get ready for it. A sale provides a best chance for women to exempt from bargaining and get the same thing at discounted rates. Tops, jeans, dresses, skirts, gowns, shoes, bags etc everything is available at discount prices. For some sales is a saving season. Rather than thinking in terms of the money spent, the mentality would be one of “savings in terms of discounts”.

    2) Sales give logical reason for shopping

    It’s very common practice amongst women to purchase things without giving a second thought, thus many times they end up with something that is of not much use. Sales give logical reason to them to purchase the clothes and accessories they want, even if they do not have really much use. Those items can serve as a present or can be worn on special occasions etc.

    3) Sales are good stress releaser

    Many women release their stress by doing shopping. They simply go to a shop and purchase anything but later when they realize that they have simply wasted money on the item their stress increases all the way more. Thus releasing stress during sales time proves beneficial for them.

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