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  • Posted :   Jul 30th, 2009


    Want to look sophisticated and polished, bright tights are good option. From fashion viewpoint also they are hottest trend presently. Bright tights give life to drab outfit and add stars to appearance.

    Wearing it is a fun. They can be taken to different places like dating, office, party etc. To create signature look in bright tights it’s must to know how to wear it? Wear it right and you can gain an iconic status. But there ways of wearing bright tights, breaking whom can end up in disastrous appearance.

    Keep tights simple

    Bright tights are like an accent for outfit. They are enough to make statement. Thus do not load them with other accessories like jewelry, hats, bags, scarf etc. As they are efficient is making statement, similarly does not take much time in ruining appearance if overdone.

    Avoid same color all over

    Avoid wearing same color all over with bright color tights. Like if wearing a pink dress, do not pair it with pink tights. It gives tacky look.

    Wear them with cowboy boots

    Leather tights can be best paired with cowboy boots and mini dress. It turns look of dress into a super hot number.

    Do not avoid black tights

    No doubt it is the time of bright tights but do not overlook black tights. Their importance will never fade and they are still as slimming and sexy as ever. Black tights give a whole new dimension to your wardrobe.

    Avoid with casual outfits

    Bright tights do not look good with casual outfits. This combination gives flimsy look. They only work well with fancy dresses.

    These are the rules of wearing bright tights. Now let us know the types of bright tights and how to wear them?

    1) Printed bright tights

    Printed tights have scaled heights in fashion. They are all the rage this season and perfect to be worn for evening party. Elegant floral patterns are their most liked design and add a dramatic touch to evening outfit.

    2) Seamed bright tights

    Seamed tights are amongst the fashioned items. Adjectives that describe this outfit best are chic, slimming, haute and classy. These are also less in its praise. They go well with every dress ranging from suits, skirts, or dressy dresses etc. With classic pumps and simpler shoe styles they look awesome. They are made up of luxurious and textured fabrics.

    3) Floral bright tights

    Floral bright tights are stunning and impart the breath-taking appearance. Do not mix them with other floral items. Instead, opt for solids and textured fabrics.

    4) Paisley bright tights

    Paisley tights are extremely pleasing to eyes. They are also great for jazzing up the outfit. If want to achieve ultra-chic look these tights are perfect to wear.

    5) Fishnet bright tights

    Fishnet tights should be worn over solid colors for cool look. With stilettos and a mini skirt they give sexy look.

    6) Textured bright tights

    Textured tights create sophisticated look. Make them the only pattern in your outfit to look good. They look fantastic in neutral, dark, rich and muted shades.

    7) Footless bright tights

    Footless tights are apt for casual looks. They are worn with a mid-thigh skirt paired with a pair of flats or flip flops. They look flattering longer legged women.

    These are some of the voguish styles bright tights that look elegant and stylish and presently have made great boom in fashion market.

  • Posted :   Jul 23rd, 2009

    hatLeather hats are exotic and very high in fashion. They are identity of fashion freaks, as their likeness for hats is very obvious. Both men and women have much penchant for leather hats. They are very popular fashion accessory which are fashionable and functional both. Leather hats statement making quality make them fashionable and functional because they protect head from scorching sun, cold and rain.

    There is a huge global market of leather hats. They come in various forms like sporty leather hats, classic leather hats, cowboy leather hat, black leather hats etc. Amongst all black leather hats are admired much. Their fashion is always ‘in’ and never goes out of fashion. Let us know the reasons why black leather hats are so dear to all.

    Protect from heat

    With style let us not forget the main purpose of a hat i.e. to protect head against intense heat, cold, snow etc. Black leather hats are very good at it. This is one of their biggest advantages.

    Goes with all outfits

    Best part of black leather hats is that they make great pair with all types of dresses like formal, informal and casual all. With everything they make an eye catching fashion statement.


    Black is a very versatile color which complements all colors. So when you buy a black leather hat then you will be able to decorate it with any sort of decorative item. Silver or golden frilled cords, semiprecious stones etc all will really go well with black leather hat.

    Black never becomes passe

    Black is a timeless color that is in trend since the time of its inception. Thus your black leather hats will always remain in fashion, an investment which will never go waste.

    After knowing so many qualities of black leather hats and reasons of its mainstay in fashion, what are you waiting for? Go and purchase it and enjoy the flavor of fashion.

  • Posted :   Jul 21st, 2009

    stglthr11Stingray leather is latest in trend nowadays. It has decked leather market with its amazing appeal and has become a new fashion statement. Outfits and accessories made out of it bring a touch of class to appearance. Ranging from dresses, belts, shoes, handbags, wallets etc stingray leather is used in the making of everything.

    Apart from versatility in products, stingray leather endures a longer life than expected from other leathers. It is incredibly durable. Stingray leather is very hard to tear and wear and its reason is its unique structure. Most leathers are composed of fibers running parallel to each other while stingray leather is made up of fibers in crisscross pattern that runs in every direction. This, combined with the scales’ amazing resistance to water and even fire ensures this leather a longer life than possibly any other type of animal hide.

    With durability and strength stingray leather is very easy to take care. It only requires occasional cleaning with a damp cotton cloth and air drying. It is enough to maintain its radiance. Cleaning agents should never be used and it should never be put into the dryer. Moreover it does not get damage with moisture like other leathers.

    Attractive stingray leather has flooded the fashion world and is considered synonymous with elegance. Its unique beauty is highlighted by the shiny pebbly texture of the skin, which makes it shine like a pearl when light hits it. Imagine you are wearing stingray leather jacket and light hit you, how dashing you will look. This art only stingray leather possesses. Thus stingray leather is perfect to turn heads and get showered with compliments.

    Stingray leather cannot be made commercially like other leathers and that what this expensive commodity. But paying more for a fabric with so many qualities is worthy. Stingray leather products are strikingly beautiful that turn them more towards fashion than functional side.

  • Posted :   Jul 17th, 2009

    makeupmistake2Fashion does not mean tacky look. It is something that should enhance your personality. But in spite of knowing this people commit mistakes that leads to ruining their appearance. Here are given some of the fashion DONT’S that should be avoided at any cost in order to look decent and appropriate.

    Wrong Colors

    Wearing wrong color dress ruins appearance. Right color dress complementing skin tone speaks volumes about you. It makes you look your best and make look vibrant and vivacious. Thus stick to right colors in dressing.

    Excess makeup

    Excess make up give much mature look and also creates a harsh look. It’s always better to keep makeup light during day time and little dark for evening.

    Large clothing

    Many women are under impression that large clothing’s hide flaws. But in actual it’s not so. They make you appear larger than you are. Always avoid large clothing.

    Inappropriate shoes

    Shoes are one of the greatest accessories that largely enhance show of the outfit. Wearing inappropriate shoes is one of the greatest fashion mistakes. Never do so. Like if wearing flats with short leather skirts your skirt will loose its essence. Instead go for stilettos.

    Too much jewelry

    Thinking that too much jewelry makes you attractive is a very wrong notion. It’s not that it is bad but how much to wear depends on the occasion you are heading. If it’s simple birthday party or office party or simple get together of friends then thin, fine necklace and a pair of earrings is enough. If its occasions like prom or wedding then a pair of embellished earrings, funky necklace, bangles, few rings, a brooch etc is appropriate. All time too much jewelry is not good.

    Stuck in a style rut

    Latest fashion does not mean you are abiding to follow them. Those who do so commit greatest fashion mistake. One should wear dress that suits them.

  • Posted :   Jul 14th, 2009

    woman-with-sale-shopping-bagThe word ‘sales’ trigger women to jump, why so? This article will disclose that only. Foremost thing is women loves shopping and sales are a great part of shopping. If women simply can go for shopping then during sales season it’s an added advantage for her to get same things at discounted rates. This is one of the main reasons why women love sales.

    As women read sales anywhere entire womenfolk become excited and run towards nearest shopping mall. Women of all occupations i.e. doctors, engineers, domestic ladies etc are seen in sales shop. This says about the magical nature of sales that entices all types of women. Also online stores come up with sales option from time to time. Even some has ‘clearance sale’ category. One should make the most of these sales items as they are cheap yet full of quality.

    But the main thing is what is so enticing about sales. Why women wait for them in anticipation. Here are the reasons.

    1) Discount rates

    Bargaining is very common with women, which even sometimes ruin their shopping when seller does not get ready for it. A sale provides a best chance for women to exempt from bargaining and get the same thing at discounted rates. Tops, jeans, dresses, skirts, gowns, shoes, bags etc everything is available at discount prices. For some sales is a saving season. Rather than thinking in terms of the money spent, the mentality would be one of “savings in terms of discounts”.

    2) Sales give logical reason for shopping

    It’s very common practice amongst women to purchase things without giving a second thought, thus many times they end up with something that is of not much use. Sales give logical reason to them to purchase the clothes and accessories they want, even if they do not have really much use. Those items can serve as a present or can be worn on special occasions etc.

    3) Sales are good stress releaser

    Many women release their stress by doing shopping. They simply go to a shop and purchase anything but later when they realize that they have simply wasted money on the item their stress increases all the way more. Thus releasing stress during sales time proves beneficial for them.

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